I’ll be opening for Damon Williams at the Funny Bone in Columbus, Ohio for New Year’s Eve! This is a great club and an awesome town.    Click here  for showtimes and tickets and stuff!.

I’ll be opening for Tim Gaither at The Comedy Club of Kansas City! Voted The BEST Comedy Club in Kansas City! My friend opened this club a year or so ago and it’s going strong! Also, Gaither is one of the funniest dudes out there so definitely come!    Click here  for showtimes and tickets and stuff!.

Everything else cancelled. There was a virus and they cancelled almost all of my shows. Everywhere. I had a full schedule. Theaters, stadiums, tv shows, all that shit. They cancelled it all and now I’m back to hoping I sell enough t-shirts to pay my rent. Yay!

“Mike Baldwin simply goes out night after night and delivers top-notch comedy. His style is instantly likable, entirely personal and it highlights his attention to detail. His material is crisp and efficient and he supplements that material with subtle but perfect facial expressions and vocal inflections.”

  • Peter Greyy – Seattle Comedy Competition Director Of Talent