My favorite club in the world. The Comedy Club Of Kansas City. I’m opening for Colin Kane, so my name isn’t on the website or anything, but, I’m on the shows. Buy tickets to Colin Kane, and you get me for free.  Actually, you can get free tickets to the whole thing if you type in MIKEISFUNNY where it tells you to type in stuff. Just act like you’re buying tickets, but then it’ll go to zero for the price after you enter that code.  Sweet!   Click here for more information about the place and the show. I really hope to see you there! Feel free to advertise that code to whoever you want! 

I’m excited because I’ve never been to this club and Florida is awesome. I’ll be at Laugh-In Comedy Cafe on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Click here for more information about the place and the show. I really hope to see you there!

Side Splitters, baby! But not the same old Side Splitters. The new and improved Side Splitters in like Wesley Chapel or something. I know a girl from there, so that’s kinda neat but it sucks that I’m so much fatter now than I was the last time I saw her. Hopefully she got fat, too. Like, super fat. That would be awesome. She probably didn’t, though. I bet she looks great. Anyway, click here if you want to see the times and buy tickets and whatnot.  

Kearney, Nebraska, at a place called The Other Side. I’m not sure if you can buy tickets online or not. You can click here if you want to see the Facebook event thing about it. There might be a ticket link in there somewhere. Only one way to find out now!

Big giant show at the Brickhouse Lounge with Gary Menke and Lane Zimbelman. It’s gonna be extra funny! 

Crackers Comedy Club in Indy. I love this room and I love the five or so people I know from Indianapolis. I know they’ll be at my show, but will you? I hope so. Click here to buy tickets and sell this shit out!
The Grove, in Arkansas! This is a great room for comedy and the owner and staff are incredible people.You can click here for the main website of the comedy club. I’m not on it yet, but…soon! See you there!

“Mike Baldwin simply goes out night after night and delivers top-notch comedy. His style is instantly likable, entirely personal and it highlights his attention to detail. His material is crisp and efficient and he supplements that material with subtle but perfect facial expressions and vocal inflections.”